Learn Turkish™ App Reviews

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Very good way to learn a language and important words. I like it!

Excellent App

Love love love this app.

Nice app

Nice to learn

So good

To learn turkish please try it, wonderful app

A little help here

Overall, this app has been very helpful but it does have some issues. 1. For the word rain, you list the word yagmur but you also list another word but that one is never pronounced. Which is more accepted? 2. The word changing değişken but only deği is pronounced. My Turkish friend is laughing at me because of this. Not cool lol. Also, an introduction to the sounds of the letters others and , myself would find very helpful. Thank you for your time. Güle güle

Good but not awesome

I like it but Ive seen better ones that are not free.however I have this app because its free.

useful :)

very useful and awesome app!!


Thanks for this amazing app

Good app

I like how simple the app is.

Very good and free application

It has good vocabulary range

Great vocab source

The vocabulary seems pretty extensive. I also use Rosetta Stone. Though this is a great way to get a lot of vocabulary quickly, Im not sure that the grammar is there as it seems to be mostly about memorizing lists. But it will certainly be a great companion and alternative when you dont have time to do a whole Rosetta lesson.

Great app

Great app to learn the basics.

Decent app for building vocab in Turkish

Game runs a bit slow at times (like with the image test) and the programming could use more polishing, but very easy and enjoyable app nonetheless


Useful if you are aiming for vocabulary, but it doesnt support grammatical learning

Just great

It is a perfect app for begginers ! I love it


I love this program .

Really awesome

It doesnt cut me off after a certain number of questions and its pretty reliable


Excellent learning tool at absolutely no cost and adds free. Simple interface and good quality media. Thank you for a job well done.

Designed well

i loved this program

Thank you

Thank you very nice app

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